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Water Leak Early Detection

Prevent water damage and leaks with our Water Leak Early Detection Systems. Mold caused by leaks can cause significant property damage and an unhealthful environment. Plus, you face the potential loss of irreplaceable possessions. The three major causes of water problems are leaks from water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers. Sales of more than four out of every five of these appliances are for replacement. Malfunctions and leaks caused by age, wear and tear and damage can lead to untold problems. Early detection of a leak could mean the difference between a quick, easy and inexpensive repair or a major, expensive construction job.

Gas Leak Early Detection

The Gas Leak Protection system will protect your property, and give you complete peace of mind. Equipped with gas sensors and an automatic gas shutoff valve this system will
ensure worry free, long lasting and reliable protection. With RF Ready™ technology and hard wired systems the Gas Leak Protection system can monitor unlimited Gas Sensors to
fully protect your life and property. The Gas Leak Protection system is powered by a 12-volt DC wall adapter and it uses a standard 9-volt battery as a backup power source (batt. included).

Carbon Monoxide & Fire Detection

Poorly tuned, or malfunctioning gas-burning appliances can cause carbon monoxide gas to build up in your home. This potentially deadly gas cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled. Your family's safety and protection of your hard earned assets are two of the most important concerns of your life. Now we have reduced these concerns by bringing you peace of mind with the latest technological advancement in natural gas and carbon monoxide sensing. When used with the Gas Leak Protection System, your gas system is automatically turned off when sensors detect the presence of natural gas or potentially deadly carbon monoxide gas fumes. The 2000 Series Gas and Carbon Monoxide detector sends out a wireless RF signal if an alarm occurs. This signal is fully compatible with the Gas Leak Protection System. All carbon monoxide detectors are certified to the UL2034 standard for residential carbon monoxide detectors.

Services We Provide

R.G.A. Security provides quality intrusion, fire, leak detection, carbon monoxide detection & 24/7 monitoring solutions throughout NY, NJ, CT & FL.

You and your family will benefit from R.G.A.'s 35 years of experience in providing high-quality security and early leak detection for hundreds of satisfied customers.